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Transform Plain Concrete into an Elegant and Decorative Surface

Beautify your world using the decorative concrete stamping process. For a small fee you can turn a slab of concrete pour into a beautifully structured and colorful appearance of stone, slate, hand laid bricks and more ... for a fraction of the cost. Concrete Restoration Services works in both the Residential and in the Commercial concrete construction industry.

Stamped Concrete - Decorative Concrete Stamping

Stamped concrete offers you the ability to add color, patterns, texture and design to any freshly poured concrete surface. The concrete stamping technique creates an attractive three-dimensional two-toned look. Using various concrete stamping techniques we can make a slab of concrete look like fabulously expensive, for a lot less money.Many different effects can be achieved ranging from classical Mediterranean tile to ancient cobblestone patterns and more. The decorative stamping process can be applied to steps and walkways too.

Protective Coatings - Sealing Stamped Concrete

The finished job can be sealed to help protect it from dirt and staining. Sealing also offers an attractive "wet-look" while also helping to improve the overall strength of the concrete surface. For areas around pools and walkways an "anti-slip" finish can also be applied for your safety.

We handle stamped concrete installation, as well as decorative coatings on concrete. Our service represents Increte Systems for stamped concrete and decorative coatings. Please contact us today for more information.

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